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Water is so vital for iguanas 

page 39 Water is so vital for iguanas

Did you know you can train your iguana to drink more water?

Iguanas will usually drink water from a bowl or other container. You may not see it drink the water but most generally it is drinking some amount of water. If you want to make sure that your iguana is drinking plenty of water, you can also train your iguana to drink more.
A good way of training your iguana to do this is by placing a treat or other piece of food in its drinking bowl each day. A large piece of collard or mustard greens or other food that your iguana likes should work fine. When your iguana eats the treat, it will most definitely take in a lot of water and hopefully have a drink of it. If your iguana takes to eating the treat, gradually reduce the size of the treat every day for a few weeks to even a few months. The more time you spend training it to drink the water, the more likely it will keep up the good habit of drinking lots of water. By the end of the training period, you should simply be offering a fresh bowl of water to your iguana each day. Even if you see your iguana drink water, training it to drink as much as possible each day can help your iguana stay healthy and is highly recommended.
Spraying food with water. Another very good way of making sure your iguana is getting plenty of water in its diet is by spraying its food with water. This can be done by simply spraying water on the food with a spray bottle. Spraying the food with water can be done on a regular basis or just in times when you think its not getting enough water with the types of food you’re providing in that particular feeding. Once again, make sure you remove any uneaten food as soon as possible to assure that it won’t eat any spoiled or rotten food.