|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Warning over cash email scams 

page 13 Warning over cash e-mail scams

A “be alert” warning has been issued over another batch of bogus emails doing the rounds in the Canary Islands.
Hackers appear to be gaining access to genuine email accounts and sending messages to people which at first sight seem to come from the genuine account holder.
One of the most recent allegedly came from a ma-nager at a Fuerteventura com-pany. The message claimed he had made a trip to Bristol where his wallet, passport, credit cards and money had been stolen.
The email said the Embassy would allow him to fly home without his passport but he needed cash for hotel bills and the air ticket. He said he could not access his credit cards and his bank needed more time to arrange for some money so he intended to ask for a pay-day loan and would pay any money sent to him immediately on his return.
“I need around 1,350 euros to cover my expenses,” the email read.
None of the information was true and it had not come from the Fuerteventura manager who had never left the island, let alone gone to Bristol. Within an hour, he had circulated a genuine email to alert people to the scam.
Even the Ministry of Finance has been affected by the scam. Emails purporting to come from the department have been received by people saying they had been chosen for a tax refund. They were asked to fill out a form giving their bank details, with the form looking very authentic and similar to real ones with the Ministry logo and corporate image.
People are being warned to be very suspicious about any strange emails or ones which don’t come from normal chan-nels.