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Viva Tenerife! 

Celia glanced at the clock for the third time that day. Her granddaughter Roselyn would be arriving in the next hour to spend a holiday with her in Tenerife. Roselyn had been with her grandma, Celia, when she was ten years old for a brief stay but had not been back since.
The small fishing village where Celia lived was not exactly an exciting place for a teenager, but it was full of charm and friendly faces and Celia really hoped that Roselyn would enjoy herself. So Celia put fresh flowers around the rooms and even baked an apple pie in preparation. Celia heard a car and ran to the door. There was Roselyn a grown-up young lady, stepping towards the apartment. Celia was over-whelmed with joy. Upon closer observation she noticed three piercings in each ear and a tattoo on Roselyn´s wrist. Roselyn saw her looking and said “All the girls have them Gran, its trendy”.
Celia made lunch and afterwards they went for coffee in the village, returning to the apartment to watch television. Roselyn seemed bored although most of the channels were in English. “I think I´ll have an early night said Roselyn”.
The next day Celia said “let´s go and see the village sights”. Roselyn said nothing but she picked up her sunglasses and set off with a bad grace. They stepped out and visited the tiny village church where inside there was perfect peace and the altar embraced beautifully arranged flowers. Then they viewed the pretty harbor full of fishing boats bobbing on the sparkly sea. There were plenty of black crabs crawling around on the rocks below the harbor wall and at last Roselyn showed some interest in her surroundings. As they continued through the village Roselyn told her Gran about her best friend Stacey who had been to Tenerife and described sandy beaches with water sports, teenage fashion shops, trendy discos and much much more. Celia felt rather upset but said they could visit a popular tourist destination town the next day. She had to find a way to keep Roselyn amused.
Unfortunately the next day proved to be entirely unpre-dictable. Roselyn came in to breakfast holding her face “Whatever is the matter” Celia said trying to keep the alarm out of her voice. “It was those peanuts I ate last night when I was watching TV, said Roselyn, I´ve lost a filling and my tooth is giving me hell. Calm down said Celia, I don´t want to go the dentists can´t be the same here whined Roselyn. “We don´t live in the third world here, you know said Celia, “it´s quite a way off but the bus takes a scenic route and you will be able to see more of Tenerife on the way.
Luckily they were able to go the same afternoon and Roselyn was soon put at her ease by Celia´s smiling dentist and the tooth was repaired without discomfort.
Before catching the bus home they visited the harbor full of gleaming yachts and crafts of every description, enhanced by the backdrop of the magnificent Gigantes cliffs. Roselyn had to admit it was awesome. She took quite a few photos including some of the beautiful black sand beach. A young Canarian boy was eyeing Roselyn and she gave him a smile which Celia had not seen the like of since her granddaughter arrived in Tenerife things are looking up at last night thought Celia.
In the morning they set off for the nearest big resort, the “Big Apple” as Celia liked to call it.
Roselyn loved the shops and bought presents for her friends and even a pair of leggings for her Gran which Celia thought deserved the purchase of a nice long top to cover her wobbly bits. “I´ve noticed everyone wears them around here, even people in your age group said Roselyn. Celia was quite touched and pleased to see that Roselyn was enjoying herself.
Later that day the embarked on a boat trip to see the whales and dolphins which was a huge success with plenty of opportu-nities for photography. Both Celia and her granddaughter caught the sun and Celia felt like a tourist instead of a Tenerife resident. Her skin was glowing and tingling all the way home.
The following morning Celia encouraged Roselyn to soak up some more sun on the balcony whilst she did a few household chores. After about half an hour she heard voices outside and moving to wards the balcony she heard Roselyn talking to her next door neighbor’s daughter, Mel-anie. The two girls were a similar age and seemed to be getting along nicely. Celia crept back inside and made herself a coffee. Roselyn appeared about fifteen minutes later clutching her sun cream, hat and glasses.
“Guess what Gran?” she said. I´ve made friends with Melanie next door and they are having a barbecue on Saturday. Her Mum has invited us to go. Celia was a bit nervous as her husband had passed away only six months previously and she hadn´t ventured out socially since. She realized that this was opportunity not be missed.
The barbecue was a treat, friendly people, plenty to eat and drink including giant prawns and sangria set in a pretty garden, lit by fairy lanterns. Celia and Roselyn thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home tired but happy. Celia had emerged from her loneliness and Roselyn had changed her opinion about Tenerife. I want to come back again soon said Roselyn. Celia nodded and secretly smiled. Everything had turned out right after all and Tenerife had definitely won the day.

By Thelma R. Hall

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