|Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Puerto defies Costas 

page 1 Puerto defies costas

Puerto de la Cruz council says it is doing all it can to tidy up its beaches, including defying Spain’s controversial coastal department.

In the midst of complaints about the state of Playa Martiánez and Playa Jardin, the authority has revealed it asked for permission on Boxing Day to clean up mess caused by bad weather on December 24th.

Local people had commented that nothing was being done but the council says it was waiting for the official go-ahead. In the end, after hearing nothing from the coastal department, the council got fed up waiting and so decided to go it alone.
So far, at least seven containers have been filled with debris and the ocean continues to wash up material.
Councillor responsible for beaches, Ricardo Padrón said they realised the beaches were being marred which was why they could not wait for permission from Costas. The department has, however, indicated that it won’t pay for the work which will be down to Puerto.