|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Canaries enjoy record spending power 

Visitors to the Canary Islands appear to be spending more money than before, despite the economic recession.
A new survey into tourism expenditure shows a record for the archipelago. Up until November of last year, tourists spent 9,657 million euros here and the year was expected to close at around 10,600 million euros, matching the figure of 2006, just before the start of the economic crisis.
In November of 2012, visitors from other countries to the Canaries spent 1,046 million euros, according to the organisation Egatur. This is 2.2% more than in November 2011 and represents more than a third of all tourism spending in Spain (2,967 million euros). There were more British and Nordic visitors.
Tour operators consider that even though unemployment has gone up, agents have been able to negotiate slightly higher prices.
The survey shows the average daily spend by a tourist to the Canaries went up to 126 euros per person, 9.9% more than last year.
This is attrributed to the fact that the Canary Islands can offer winter sun whilst Europe was very cold and the archipelago continues to be the main preference for tourists. The British still favour the all-inclusive package.
One of the main boosts for the islands is the influx of Nordic visitors who prefer the Canaries to mainland Spain. Germans have, however, modified their spending. The number of tourists coming from Spain continues to be down.