|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Canaries are striking gold! 

The Canary Islands, best known for exporting bananas, tomatoes and fuel, appears to have struck gold.
A new report on behalf of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade says the sale abroad of gold, precious stones and metals has taken second place in the archipelago’s export list. First place is still held by fuel from oil refineries but for the first time the export of vegetables, once the traditionally mainstay of the islands, has been relegated to third.
The data has surprised even the experts who describe the emergence of this new sector as interesting. Export of fruit and vegetables for the first half of 2012 was down 4.3% due to a reduction in the sale of tomatoes.
Entrepreneurs say Canary companies have to think about exporting as it is “do or die”. Surprisingly, Switzerland is the top place to target products from the archipelago and by volume of exports, the Canaries are 14th on the list of autonomous communities which is considered very good considering the characteristics of the island.