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Become a Friend of the Festival 

Organisers of the 29th Canary Music Festival have reminded lovers of good music that discounted tickets are still available and there is also the chance to become a “Friend”.This popular event kicked off in Tenerife on January 11th and in Gran Canaria on January 13th with a rousing concert by the London Philhar-monic Orchestra.

There is still much more to come, with 38 concerts in all across the islands until February 15th, with the emphasis this year more away from the classics to the contemporary. Tickets are available through the internet, over the telephone or at the box offices of all the various venues.
Running in association with the main programme is the Youth Festival which includes concerts, films and educa-tional events which can be continued into the school classroom.
You will find concerts in the capitals, as well as in the Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz and the theatres of , Pérez Gal-dós and Guiniguada in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.
Performers will include the Orchestra of the Theatre of Mariinsky in St Petersburg, the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria, the Emerson Quartet, the Brentano Quartet and the Salzbury Camerata, together with many distin-guished singers and musi-cians.
The Youth Festival is designed to foster an interest in music at an early age, complemented by a series of films in January and February.
Organisers say a great deal of their support comes from regular patrons who return to the Festival year after year and there are many benefits of becoming a member, includ-ing discounts and priority booking. You might also like to consider becoming a Friend of the Festival as this also gives you discounts for other con-certs and at places such as book and music stores.
The Festival’s web page is on www.festivaldecanari-as.com or you can ring 928 277530 y 922 531835 y a través de la Web www.festivalde-canarias.com